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November 18, 2009

Tip of the Week

What is Your Neighborhood Produce and how does it work?

Your Neighborhood Produce was designed with you in mind. No contracts or commitments here, just a substantial savings on fresh quality produce. That is what Your Neighborhood Produce is all about.

How can you get a great deal on produce? It's simple! Your great deal on produce helps others get a great deal too! Here's how it works. Every participant pays a set fee. $17.50 for our original produce basket, $11.50 for our smaller portion basket and coming soon $8.50 for our fruit only basket. I combine the fees of every participant by location and purchase large amounts of fresh quality produce by the case from a local produce wholesaler. On pick up day those produce cases are delivered to the pick up location and then sorted evenly on site to all the participants baskets. Everyone benefits by enjoying fresh quality produce at a fraction of the retail supermarket cost. Remember your great deal on produce helps others get a great deal too and the more that participate the greater our overall buying power within Your Neighborhood Produce.

Your Neighborhood Produce currently serves the Carolinas and can be found in Cabarrus, Gaston, Mecklenburg and Union Counties, NC and York County, SC. We have distribution sites in these two states and are looking forward to adding other distribution sites within the Carolinas in the future.

Comments from You......


Debbie Nelson sent in this weeks tip.  It was hard to believe when I heard it, but listen to what she about getting produce cheap at Your Neighborhood Produce Website:

Debbie NelsonHi Tom, yes, I have purchased the small basket twice now. What is nice for me is that it forces me to eat more well rounded because I would not buy that variety of items at a time. Price wise, I think it definitely compares to Aldi's regular prices, and possibly to their sale prices (tho you never would get all those items on sale at Aldi's at ... Read Moreone time anyway.) Also, the large basket would be ideal, not just for a big family, but for 2 couples to split (making it cheaper yet) or giving their excess to a needy neighbor. It makes a good excuse for knocking on your neighbor's door, I've found...



This is a common problem.  You buy a nice turkey and you don't want to waste money on the Turkey you just purchased, however your family is tired of Turkey.  How can you dress it up and make it seem like new?  Here are a few recipes to try.

Do you have any good ideas?  Send them to me at  Happy Thanksgiving


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